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The high-quality translation is not an easy job. It requires deep knowledge of native and foreign languages. Today, online stores, news resources, and blogs need professional translation. In order not to waste your valuable time looking for specialists on the Internet, take advantage of the favorable offer of our exchange. Leave a request on this page and get high-quality translation services at an affordable cost. This section of the exchange allows you to search for performers for a one-time and permanent transfer. Translators working with texts of various categories are registered on the platform.

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Simple translation (for 1000 characters) 2.12 USD

Fast and high-quality translation of texts at an affordable price

With the spread of the Internet, virtual borders between countries have disappeared. Information spreads at space speed. The only caveat is that you need to order a translation of texts from English, and French into Ukrainian, Russian, and vice versa.

It would seem that today it is not difficult to translate a text from one language into another. But it is important to note that the services of professional translation agencies are not cheap today. While you are looking for a suitable agency or an independent specialist, you agree on the cost of the work, you get the text back, and time is running out. It may happen that the information at the time of publication is no longer up-to-date.

Many people think that translation services can replace machine translation. Online services do a really good job, but the result is only suitable for personal use. It is not suitable as content for an online store or a blog. Machines do not understand the context yet, they do not know how to take into account the SEO component.

What solution can be proposed? Is it possible that only large resources can afford a high-quality translation of texts, while small projects can only be content with secondary rewriting?

To solve this problem, the ByComment crowdmarketing exchange decided to offer translation services, which can be used in a few clicks. The price of translation, speed, and quality will please you.

Reasons to order translation of texts from us

There are more than 500 authors registered on our platform who speak foreign languages. We are constantly working on attracting new translators, including those who know less common languages.

You no longer need to spend a lot of time and effort on finding a specialist. Ordering translation of texts is now no more difficult than buying comments or subscribers for a page on a social network.

Our authors work with different formats - news, instructions, articles, presentations, etc. Translations are carried out on general topics, juristic, technical, etc.

What is the cost of translation services? Prices on the platform are quite flexible, they depend on the following factors:

·        language;

·        thematics;

·        urgency;

·        the need to arrange keywords, etc.

The most popular language is English. This is the language of international communication, so its demand is not surprising. We order a translation in both directions. Real experts in their fieldwork on the materials. The customer can choose the author himself. We recommend that you get acquainted with the portfolio, and read reviews. The platform automatically checks texts for uniqueness. Authors you like can be added to teams to work directly in the future.

Both individuals and companies can order translations of texts on the exchange. The platform is ready to handle any flow.

How to use the services of the exchange?

ByComment is an international platform. Residents of different countries can order translation services from us. For this, we have provided a variety of payment options.

If you need a translation, follow the instructions:

1.      Register.

2.      Choose the right type of task.

3.      Fill out the application, indicating the cost, and urgency of the translation, attaching the original text.

4.      Replenish your balance in a convenient way.

5.      Publish a task.

6.      Select a performer and wait for the result.

The exchange ensures that all work is completed on time. Performers get access to tasks only after passing the test for the general level of literacy.

Translator services are available to everyone today - see for yourself by filling out the first application right now!