How the platform works

ByComment exchange offers effective modern tools for promotion, PR and making money on the Internet. On the one hand are the customers, usually small and medium-sized businesses, as well as internet marketers, SEO specialists, copywriters, content managers, bloggers, etc.

All these people are customers of certain services, such as, for example, watching videos on youtube, tik-tok or instagram, translating and writing texts for SEO optimization and website promotion, publishing reviews on google maps and reviewers, likes, reposts, comments and subscriptions to channels and social media. networks, for example telegram, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook, retweets, installation of games and mobile applications in the Apple Store and Google Play Market, and so on. On our exchange, in a matter of seconds, you can order the required number of any actions you are interested in and set the most subtle settings and filters for their implementation (for example, you need 100 likes in 2 weeks from English-speaking female users living in a certain country. No question — place an application, indicate all your wishes as accurately as possible, pay for it and expect the result)!

All of the above actions in one way or another affect promotion, development, recognition, rating and reputation on the network! Our main advantage is that all these actions will be performed exclusively by live Internet users. Thus, the customer receives high-quality work and not a single algorithm will catch him in deception, because all this is absolutely legal, there are no bots to speak of, tasks are performed only by proven and verified performers, each of whom is essentially a unique living Internet user. And the customer is willing to pay money for these actions to be performed by live Internet users. Our exchange keeps a very small percentage of this amount for itself, but the lion’s share (up to 97%) is received directly by the performer.

And the performer can be literally anyone who has any basic device with Internet access and a real live account on one or another social network, website or instant messenger. Our second advantage is that absolutely every performer on the site, upon registration, goes through a verification system, in which he not only proves that he is a living person, but also passes various tests and exams. Absolutely no investment is required, just a little free time. And the complexity of the tasks to which a performer can be admitted, as well as the amount of earnings, depends solely and only on the level of qualification of the performer himself, which is determined primarily by the rating, quantity, speed and quality of completed tasks, passing tests, and so on. Accordingly, if your task is absolutely not complicated, then any performer can complete it +- for example, like or watch a video, and this service will cost you little, but if you need a voluminous article on a specialized topic, written by a literary language and without spelling errors — rest assured that only an appropriate professional who has proven his level of qualifications will be allowed to perform such a task. And yes, we will be absolutely honest with you — such a service costs much more, but our strong point is not low prices, but the highest, literally maximum quality of the services provided! Simply put, everything is extremely fair, the better performer you are, the more you can earn with Bycomment.

What do you need to get started ? Register, depending on who you want to be — a customer or a contractor, select available tasks or create your own project.

Next, the contractor performs the work, waits for confirmation from the customer and receives money into the account, which can be withdrawn.

If you are a customer, then after creating a project, it undergoes moderation, then you pay for the project and wait for users to start implementing it. As soon as the project is completed, you will need to check the work, and if everything suits you, confirm it. At this moment, funds from your account will be debited in favor of the project implementers.

Our support service will be happy to answer any questions from our users 24/7. You can write and call us whenever you want. And in controversial situations, the decision will be made by the moderator.

As you already understand, our freelance exchange Bycomment is much more than crowd marketing (a method of promotion by publishing comments and recommendations. The main task of crowd marketing is to popularize a product, website or company in online communities)!

Finally, I would like to once again emphasize the attention of both customers and performers — all processes taking place on our exchange are absolutely transparent, honest and legal from all possible points of view. We are not talking about any bots, cheating and other low-quality consumer services, we do not do this and do not recommend it to others, and our exchange has nothing to do with the so-called cheating services and bots! Bycomment is only high-quality and legal services for promotion in a wide variety of social networks and trading platforms, and at the same time it is also a simple, legal and affordable way to earn money from anywhere in the world! Register with us on the exchange to work, develop your business or earn extra money on the Internet in your free time with guaranteed payment for completed orders: write articles and comments, communicate on forums and social networks, complete various creative tasks, like, view, make installing applications or programs, subscribe to pages, leave reviews — all these actions and many others will be paid for by the performer and can be ordered for the customer!