Service "Order Reviews on Review Sites" from ByComment: How It Works?

Dear clients, we present to you the unique service offered by ByComment – the ability to order authentic reviews on various review sites. This service is designed for those who aim to strengthen their online reputation, attract the attention of potential customers, and elevate their brand to a new level.

Order reviews from real people

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Selection of Parameters:

  • The client determines task parameters, specifying specific review sites, the number of reviews, language, and other details.

Task Creation:

  • The client creates a task on the ByComment platform, providing detailed descriptions of their requirements and preferences.

Real Executers:

  • Tasks are assigned to real users with active accounts who meet the client's criteria.

Leaving Reviews:

  • Executers leave authentic reviews on the specified sites in accordance with the client's task.

Verification and Confirmation:

  • The client has the opportunity to check the submitted reviews. If the result meets expectations, the client confirms task completion.

Payment and Fund Distribution:

  • The client pays for the completed task, and funds are distributed among the executers according to the platform's terms.

Advantages of the "Order Reviews on Review Sites" Service:


  • Reviews are posted on real accounts, providing them with authenticity and credibility.

Guaranteed Quality:

  • The verification process ensures high-quality reviews.

Selective Parameters:

  • The client independently determines which sites and how many reviews they want.


  • Increase the number of positive reviews to attract new customers and strengthen your reputation.

Legality and Transparency:

  • All actions on the ByComment platform comply with the law and are transparent to the client.


Order reviews on review sites from ByComment and give your business the growth it deserves. Attract customer attention with real and high-quality reviews, creating a positive impression of your product or service. Register on the ByComment platform and start improving your online reputation today.