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Boosting Google Play downloads

If the application is new and not yet popular, it needs to attract attention. Boosting Google Play downloads will be a great solution. Almost all developers use it. After some time applications will begin to receive natural traffic but to get into the recommendations and raise the rating, motivated installs are needed.

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What are the benefits of Google Play boosting?

The ByComment boosting service is a database of users who are ready to install for a small price. If the program turns out to be useful, then a certain percentage of boosted users can turn into real ones.

It is important to note that Google Play Live install boosting is considered safe. The traffic imitated by our service is completely natural, so such manipulation remains unnoticed. The site uses modern anti-fraud systems for boosting, eliminating the possibility of falsification by performers. The presence of additional settings allows the user to select an audience by age, and gender. Our service performs equally well with new programs and applications that need to be “reminded”.

Google Play installations boosting without tasks through the exchange is relevant for:

1.  Mass products. These include applications that are focused on a wide audience - photo editors, dating, recipes, and communication. There is a high level of competition in this category, so buying downloads will be a good advantage.

2.  Applications with a narrow audience. Searching for users for such products is not an easy task. That is why it is important to create artificial demand and boosting is most effective here.

In both cases, the cost of the service will be identical.

How to order downloads?

Crowd marketing platform ByComment offers safe and convenient tools for market promotion. The site unites customers and performers in one place.

To create a request:

·        select the appropriate project type;

·        indicate a link to the application and the number of target actions;

·        set the necessary settings;

·        activate tasks and monitor results.

Payment is charged only for real actions. Unfair performers are blocked.

If you want to get into recommendations, TOP - order installs at an affordable price. Our company guarantees quality and privacy.