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Downloads determine the app's rating. Boosting downloads allows you to create start-up activity. To save money, you can order a download, rate, and review at the same time, mimicking the natural behavior of a typical user as much as possible. Download boost will be relevant for any type of application, both entertainment and educational, gaming. Use the service right now and feel the benefits of such a promotion. Manage promotion using settings and a personal account.

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Boosting Apple Store downloads

The Apple Store has a huge number of applications and games that millions of people use every day. The competition among developers is very high. The popularity of digital products is determined by the number of installs. Significant investments are needed to promote an application. Boosting Apple Store downloads will help you achieve good results and save money. On the exchange, you can purchase any number of downloads without tasks.

What gives the App Store download boost?

Even if the product is of high quality, it can easily be lost among other developer programs. To prevent this from happening, after the publication of the application, you should immediately start a promotion campaign. Apple Store's paid live download promotion has a lower cost than advertising and SMM. In doing so, it provides:

· access to the TOP;

arrival of the target audience;

Getting into the recommender block to competitors.

The Apple Store download boost allows you to attract attention and start the “snowball” growth in popularity. At the initial stage, it is necessary to arouse the interest of 100-200 users. They will start using the app, leave reviews and recommend it to their friends.

Our cheat site offers to provide an increase in downloads on favorable terms. The work will be done by real people for a moderate fee. Additionally, you can order the wrapping of comments and increase the rating of the program.

Our company guarantees quality and absolute transparency. The service can be used by independent developers or studios. It is possible to control the promotion online through a personal account.

Placing and paying for an order

You can order the service immediately after registration. You can create an account in the service through social networks or mail.

Next steps:

1. Top up the balance in any convenient way. In most cases, enrollment occurs almost instantly.

2. Create a project based on the suggested templates. The presence of settings allows you to adjust the task to personal needs.

3. Start promotion and get real installs.

Thanks to the crowd marketing exchange, now not a single high-quality application will be left without attention.

Fill out an application for this service and quickly go to the TOP. Beat your competitors and get a loyal audience.